Monday, June 30, 2014

Digital Native with Digital Immigrant Heritage

During our class discussion about digital natives versus digital immigrants, I immediately had a question  mark floating in my brain.  What am I?  I do possess some digital native characteristics.  I run at "twitch speed" and I certainly prefer and crave "graphics first."  On the other hand I am 100% a linear processor and I can only find peace when doing everything "step by step" much like digital immigrants.  In fact, I can easily spiral if I don't tackle activities linearly and step by step.  I attribute these digital immigrant characteristics to my very linear and step-by-step parents.  They value the linear process and as a result I do too.  I also view it as the only way to do anything, which at times can be crippling.  While, my mom has put forth the most effort to fit in with the natives, she still calls me to ask if I received her text or her e-mail leaving me perplexed.  My dad on the other hand cannot sit anywhere but the quiet car and prefers life, "unplugged." (see definition 2)

Therefore, I think of myself as a digital native born to digital immigrants who really value their face-to-face, paper and pencil culture.

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